Industrial Style Shelving hack from reclaimed wood and gas pipe fittings konmari

Industrial Style Shelving

We were in desperate need of some aesthetically pleasing closet solutions–enter this gorgeous Industrial Style Shelving hack! We love the thrill of the hunt as much as we love one-of-a-kind details, so scavenging is a great way for us to customize our home.

We live on the main floor of an Annex Victorian, and love the 11-foot ceilings and ornate details that came standard with that vintage of architecture. However, Victorians seem to have kept their linens and daily effects up on their second and third floors, so we are without closets. Floor space is a premium, and our narrow hallway (think Orient Express) doesn’t allow for the majestic armoires we so dearly love, so we had to get creative.

industrial style shelving DIY shelf hack

My ingenious partner reclaimed some wooden joists that were being discarded after a renovation up the street, and after a quick walk over to the hardware store, returned with a bunch of plumbing pipes and fittings, and a couple of shelf brackets to sort us out.


We now have gorgeous industrial-style custom shelving, for the price of the gas it would have taken to get to Ikea. We also keep a can of matte black spray paint around, just in case. We found a tacky brassy glass-topped coffee table that once spray-painted, fit in beautifully with our backyard style.

It’s tricky, though, not to become overzealous when seeing the value in another person’s trash. There are a few things we’ve learned to keep in mind when considering bringing home scavenged treasures:

1. Would we actually pay for this because we like it that much?

2. Will I take the time to clean/paint/fix/personalize this piece?

3. Do we have the need for this kind of piece in the house?

4. Is it safe, sturdy, and bug-free?

Don’t forget, industrial style goes well with antique and modern aesthetics–and you can mix a few new things in that have a vintage look, too, to give your space an industrial flavour. Have a look at this inexpensive  Vintage Hanging Caged Pendant Light Fixture that would be at home just about anywhere:

Industrial Pendant Light with Cage

Have you done any Industrial Style DIYs recently? Let us know how it went in the comments!

Industrial Style Shelving hack from reclaimed wood and gas pipe fittings


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