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Giving Thanks

We spent our weekend like most Canadians, calculating cooking times and working back from when guests arrive, when we want to sit down to hot food, and when we have to get changed for dinner. My partner is an incredible cook, and turkey dinner is a mix of superlative dishes and taste explosions that are the stuff of dreams, worthy of giving thanks. We’re flung far from relatives, so we opened our doors to dear ones near, and shared a wonderful laughter-infused evening over drinks, candlelight, and a big table that we had built just for the purpose earlier that morning.

We wanted to mark the occasion with an expression of the many blessings we are thankful for. I found a great printable template from Silverbox Creative Studio for a simple paper chain, and each of our guests wrote five or six things they were thankful for on the strips of paper, then joined them in a long chain which served as our centrepiece for the evening’s meal.

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Between the meal and our desert, we took a pause to read the inscriptions and share the gratitude. It was so affirming to hear common themes: long friendships, good health, family, four seasons of beauty in the nature that surrounds us, and the clarity to take it all in. It was a simple craft with a big impact.


How fortunate we feel to have so much to share. In keeping with the spirit of harvest, Thanksgiving serves as a moment to gather and reap what we cultivate throughout the year:

For the food before us, the family and friends amongst us, and the love between us, may we be ever thankful.

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