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Seaside Vacation

Every year we make the family pilgrimage to the East Coast–and this was one of the best visits yet. Fresh breezes, rolling hills, hours on the beach, and of course, time with family. It’s always a busy visit, seeing the whole clan, but we insisted on building quiet time into our schedule this year, and were lucky enough to have near perfect weather for most of the trip. Here are a few of the highlights of the simple pleasures we basked in during our vacation:

Our wee boy got some quality puddle time after the morning rain.


These are fresh strawberries from the farm across the road–they were so sweet and juicy! We picked bushels of them, wading through the pretty weeds–the farmers don’t spray, and the weeds end up protecting the berries from too much sun or rain!Fresh Strawberries in berry boxes

Such gorgeous,  tumbly pea shoots were growing in the pasture, to feed the animals. They were just so pretty, T had to pick them, but we decided to steam them and enjoy them with dinner–heavenly. Lucky cows!

Pea shoots

…and here is one of those lucky cows, with her photobombing compatriot looking on. While we were visiting the farm, the kids collected eggs from the hens, we witnessed a calf being born, saw the happiest pigs on the planet, and savoured the rolling seaside views.

Beautiful day on the #farm! Curious #cow... #lovely #creatire

The kids spent most of the time outdoors, playing in the red dirt, racing on the lawn, holding hermit crab races on the sand flats when the tide was out. This is the spot designed for maximum relaxation…

Gorgeous day at the #beach! Tide is high!


…and days end like this. Every sunset a spectacular event.

Our final night--sure is hard to be leaving... #eastcoast #vacation #summer #holiday

It’s difficult to return to the city after such splendour. Each time we leave, we try to take the best of life on the coast with us, and remind ourselves to move slower, bask in the sunshine, and try to live our lives as simply as possible.

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  1. How wonderful! Oh, the pictures and descriptions are so lovely, they bring a wash of Atlantic air with them. Thanks for wafting it to us.

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