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Toddler Talk

Our darling boy is talking up a storm. Toddler talk is a strange form of poetry, full of unique pairings. His words often showcase his truck-flavoured vocabulary, like “Oh no, simpleton!” which means the flattened bag on the road looks like it was run over by a steamroller, or “Munga Tacta” which means Gramma has tractors near her house. Recently, he has taken a shine to a certain fairytale, and woke up the other day exclaiming “Come ON, Sinuwah!” which I’m pretty sure means he thinks Cinderella is shirking her duties at our house.

It’s so much fun to see how his brain is processing language and stringing thoughts together through the words he’s learning.  Of all the words he’s learned, he seems to be resistant to “yes” (in true toddler style), but charmingly, says “please” when he means the affirmative. Would he like some pomegranate? “Please.” Does he need to wash his hands? “Please.” Did he dump the lego, his cheerios, and all of his socks on the living room floor? “Please.”

He lists the people he loves at night, including his family, friends, and hair stylist, and just when our hearts are bursting with his devotions, he’ll say, “Cookie, please thank-you” in the hopes of stalling bedtime for a treat.

He shouts “Moo-mee” (excuse me) at the chair that’s blocking his way to get to his truck, as if it will be offended when he shoves his way past. “Dozy bookin” means let’s cozy up with a book.

“Dune duput EX!” is clearly derivative of classic Latin for crane, dump truck, EXCAVATOR!

Sometimes his phrases are profound in their simplicity.

“Outside walk” means let’s go for a walk, on the outside.

“More beans” means more beans.

“Oh shit” when the doorbell rings means we need to clean up our language.

And “Night night zamboni!” “Look, pumpkins!” and “Hey Mama, wake UP!” speak for themselves.

pumpkins and toddler

“Silence is golden. Unless you have a toddler. In that case, silence is very, very suspicious”


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