crocheted jingle bell garland christmas sugarbush

Jingle Bell Garland

Do you ever find yourself in the throes of a crafting-craving? Much like the intense chocolate cravings I get once in a while, I occasionally experience a massive inescapable urge to craft. The thing is, I have so little time for non-essential activities these days, and crafting can be messy. Enter crochet, which is even more portable than knitting, works up quickly, and can be done while catching up on British Television.

I was flipping through Pinterest a while back and saw this adorable crocheted garland, and thought it might fit the bill for a quick and easy craft, so started one of my own. I already had a packet of crafty jingle bells and a spool of red crochet thread (much finer than the worsted weight they use in the instructions above, but I thought it might look nice a little lacier). I love how it turned out, and it worked up super quickly.

crocheted garland with jingle bells attached hand made in canada sugarbush

I have a feeling it’ll be particularly useful this year. With our very curious toddler being a little on the adventurous side, I’m thinking we might forego the glass and crystal ornaments this season… with the added bonus of a jingly alert if he attempts to climb the Christmas tree!

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