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Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

The planet can really use our help right now, so I’ve compiled some eco friendly Christmas gift ideas to get your sustainable juices flowing. If we each take a few simple steps, we can reduce waste footprint, and lighten our impact on the environment. If you’re looking for ideas this Christmas that might make it easier for your friends and family to take a few baby steps in a green direction, I’ve listed some great gifts below. That way, we can give the Earth a little something, too. Even small steps to save the planet are steps in the right direction.

If you are able to shop locally and support your neighbourhood small businesses, that’s fantastic, please do! But for those who live in small towns or remote areas, or who hate the din of city sidewalks, all the items below are available online, and will help you flesh out your Christmas gift list with a few eco friendly ideas.

I have also included some ideas for wrapping it all up at the bottom, so you don’t have gobs of waste to kick to the curb on Christmas morning.

Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas


Gorgeous cookbooks are an asset to every kitchen. We all know that a few more meatless meals will go a long way to help the planet, and these are some great options for culinary inspiration.

Travel Mug

This amazing thermos keeps coffee hot for 12 hours. For real. It’s also beautifully made, and an elegant way to get your morning jolt.

Water Bottle

These s’well bottles are so chic, and they really do keep your drink icy cold for 24 hours. This was hands-down the best gift I received last year. I get compliments on it constantly.

Reusable Coffee Filter Cups

If you know someone who uses a Keurig, please get them a reusable K-cup. It will save them heaps of money, and will help save the planet from all that incredibly damaging waste. Tuck these in with a nice bag of roasted fair-trade coffee, and the java-junkie on your list will be two steps ahead.

Organic Sheet Set

This gorgeous 500 Thread Count set is luxurious, practical, and sustainable. This would be such a great gift to receive!


Handkerchiefs are an elegant alternative to tissues (well, as elegant as it gets, when it comes to wiping your nose) and since you’re doing laundry anyway, you might as well toss these in each week and save a few trees. Bundle with a mug and some soothing sustainably sourced herbal tea, and you have a winter cold and flu emergency plan.

Reusable Shopping Bags

These 2-pack of organic cotton shopping bags is really heavy duty and the handles are long enough to fit over your shoulder. You’ll be so glad you have them in the trunk when you go shopping! You could hand paint or monogram them, if you want to give a personalised gift…

…or this 4-pack, if you’re looking for compact and indestructible. They fit right in a purse or pocket in case you’re prone to forgetting about the gorgeous canvas bags you keep in the trunk (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything).


Not everyone loves getting socks, but these ones are pretty nifty. Fancy mismatched stripey socks made from 100% recycled cotton would be fun to wear. Other colour combinations available too! If you’re nervous the recipient might be the socks-are-a-terrible-gift type, pair them up with some local handmade chocolates.

Sprouting Kit

For the health nut on your list, this amazing sprouting kit comes with everything needed to grow your own alfalfa! It’s really gratifying to see these little seeds grow, and they’re so good on sandwiches, or to add a little green to your plate. They’re also incredibly healthy.

Gifts in a Jar

Give consumables. Buy in bulk and hand make jams, jellies, pickles or preserves, packed in glass jars. Or make some Epsom Salt bath soak with some essential oils, flower petals, or herbs. The possibilities are endless. And because glass jars are infinitely reusable, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Organic Wool Dryer Balls

These are on my wish list this year. Made in Canada from premium sheep’s wool, these dryer balls are a boon in the winter months when we can’t hang our clothes to dry outside. I’ve heard of folks putting a few drops of lavender oil on these before use, leaving unmentionables smelling mentionably gorgeous.

Other Ideas

  • Wine is a great gift. It’s celebratory, and comes in recyclable glass bottles. At a loss? Get Prosecco. Trust me.
  • Kiva gift cards are a great way to help your friends help others around the planet.
  • Experiences, like dinner at a local restaurant, tickets to the theatre, or a trip to the local art gallery are fun and boast a low environmental impact.
  • Wrap up one of the above gifts in a silk scarf or some scrap fabric. If you know how to sew, you could even make a big batch of reusable wrapping bags to use each year. That would be an amazing gift in itself.
  • Reuse any and all paper gift bags you get, as well as ribbons and bows.
  • Use flat wooden ornaments as gift tags within your family, and reuse them each year.

We can all probably manage to take a few more steps in an ecological direction. Climate change is endangering the planet, and each of us can afford to be a little kinder to the environment, while spreading holiday cheer. After all, ‘is the season for everything evergreen, right?

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