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A Year of Dates

A few months ago, I decided to invest in a Year of Dates to share with my partner. Best. Gift. Ever. For both of us.

stack of envelopes containing date night ideas

It had occurred to me that since the birth of our son, we had gone out with friends a few times, and attended some really fun events , but we hadn’t been on a single date for nearly two years. In fact, our last date had been the night before he was born–a glorious quiet dinner in our favourite pub, and then a great movie at the nicest cinema in town. The next morning I went into labour and life was forever changed with a new addition to our already adventurous family. And like most busy parents, we are now desperately in need of mandated time for just the two of us, so read on to see what I did!

Industrial Style Shelving hack from reclaimed wood and gas pipe fittings konmari

KonMari with a Family

After hearing about the tidying frenzy initiated by organizing guru Marie Kondo, we decided to take the plunge with our own variation of KonMari with a family. We were reluctant at first, to be honest.

A friend had been telling me about the book, the life-changing magic of tidying up–which I had heard of but hadn’t bothered to read (pshhht–I already know I’m a tidy, organized person). But she started talking about the special folding method Kondo prescribes, so I exclaimed, “THERE’S SPECIAL FOLDING?!?” and promptly ran to the bookshop.


Curried sweet potato and coconut soup for a friend. Recipe forthcoming on the blog. #vegan #soup #coconutmilk #whole30 #getbetter #cancersucks #healingfoods

Curried Sweet Potato Coconut Soup

This Curried Sweet Potato Coconut Soup is a great nourishing recipe to have on hand if you’ve got vegan guests coming, or friends with severe allergies. It’s delicious and comforting, and really simple and satisfying at the same time. And just about everyone can eat it.


Top Ten Whole30 Essentials

Whole 30 Hardcover BookAs we’re prepping for another Whole30, we wanted identify the Top Ten Whole30 Essentials that helped us succeed last time with the task of clean eating for a month. If you haven’t heard of it, read all about the Whole30 Challenge here. Because we’re in Canada, some of the items listed in other Whole30 roundups are hard (or impossible!) to get, so the items here are all available in the True North.  The affiliate links below will lead you to the site, so be aware of that if you’re reading this roundup from other places in the world! I’ve listed some of the items and products that made our Whole30 easier, and more exciting that we expected. It truly is a privilege to eat this way.


toddler in sandbox with truck

Toddler Talk

Our darling boy is talking up a storm. Toddler talk is a strange form of poetry, full of unique pairings. His words often showcase his truck-flavoured vocabulary, like “Oh no, simpleton!” which means the flattened bag on the road looks like it was run over by a steamroller, or “Munga Tacta” which means Gramma has tractors near her house. Recently, he has taken a shine to a certain fairytale, and woke up the other day exclaiming “Come ON, Sinuwah!” which I’m pretty sure means he thinks Cinderella is shirking her duties at our house. (more…)


Whole30 Week Three

Week Three was a busy one, and there were a few fun challenges to meet on our Whole30 adventure, but we were pretty impressed with how easy it has been to adapt our plans to include healthy options. And in the surprising results column this week? My underwear are falling off. (more…)

Vegetable Garden

Whole30 Week Two

We’ve just passed the halfway mark in our Whole30 challenge, so I’d like to share our experiences from Week Two. We started this to reset and recharge our bodies, and have already taken away much more than we expected from this adventure!

If you’re new to the party, please click here for a recap of our Week One on the Whole30 Challenge.

Here’s a roundup of how we ate during Whole30 Week 2, with some notes on our progress, at the bottom.


view of clouds from the airplane

Seaside Vacation

Every year we make the family pilgrimage to the East Coast–and this was one of the best visits yet. Fresh breezes, rolling hills, hours on the beach, and of course, time with family. It’s always a busy visit, seeing the whole clan, but we insisted on building quiet time into our schedule this year, and were lucky enough to have near perfect weather for most of the trip. Here are a few of the highlights of the simple pleasures we basked in during our vacation:

Our wee boy got some quality puddle time after the morning rain.