Curried sweet potato and coconut soup for a friend. Recipe forthcoming on the blog. #vegan #soup #coconutmilk #whole30 #getbetter #cancersucks #healingfoods

Curried Sweet Potato Coconut Soup

This Curried Sweet Potato Coconut Soup is a great nourishing recipe to have on hand if you’ve got vegan guests coming, or friends with severe allergies. It’s delicious and comforting, and really simple and satisfying at the same time. And just about everyone can eat it.


Top Ten Whole30 Essentials

Whole 30 Hardcover BookAs we’re prepping for another Whole30, we wanted identify the Top Ten Whole30 Essentials that helped us succeed last time with the task of clean eating for a month. If you haven’t heard of it, read all about the Whole30 Challenge here. Because we’re in Canada, some of the items listed in other Whole30 roundups are hard (or impossible!) to get, so the items here are all available in the True North.  The affiliate links below will lead you to the site, so be aware of that if you’re reading this roundup from other places in the world! I’ve listed some of the items and products that made our Whole30 easier, and more exciting that we expected. It truly is a privilege to eat this way.



Whole30 Week Three

Week Three was a busy one, and there were a few fun challenges to meet on our Whole30 adventure, but we were pretty impressed with how easy it has been to adapt our plans to include healthy options. And in the surprising results column this week? My underwear are falling off. (more…)

Vegetable Garden

Whole30 Week Two

We’ve just passed the halfway mark in our Whole30 challenge, so I’d like to share our experiences from Week Two. We started this to reset and recharge our bodies, and have already taken away much more than we expected from this adventure!

If you’re new to the party, please click here for a recap of our Week One on the Whole30 Challenge.

Here’s a roundup of how we ate during Whole30 Week 2, with some notes on our progress, at the bottom.


Fresh #vegetables ready for #roasting... all in the pursuit of #soup! #whole30 #delicious #tomatoes #garden

Whole30 Week One

We’ve decided to take the Whole30 Challenge to reset our physical health and test our discipline this month, with surprising results. If you’re not familiar, the Whole30 Challenge is 30 days of eating only vegetables, fruit, and clean protein. That means eating grass-fed or pastured meats, free range eggs, and wild-caught seafood, along with plenty of vegetables, fruit, and nuts. (more…)

crispy fish tacos

Easy Weeknight Crispy Fish Tacos

This is a perfect weeknight meal for our family–it’s quick, easy, tasty, and we get to assemble it ourselves, which also makes it customizable and fun for the kids. We live near a market where we can buy these tiny little tortillas, which we love, but you could use larger soft tacos easily.


Blueberry Maple Almond Overnight Oats in a Lovely Teacup

Overnight Oats

All right, I was hesitant to try this–the idea of cold oats in the morning made me totally squeamish. Mornings are not my favourite time of day, and I’m the first to admit I’m not fantastic at the whole bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed routine. Add wet mush, and I’d really rather not, thanks.

A dear friend of mine has been doing this for years, apparently, and another pal just posted a gorgeous recipe here. My older brother, with his early production schedule hours, is already a convert. I was still sceptical, but going to bed last night, I realized there was no bread for my usual toast and cheese, and we’re fresh out of cereal. Oats are like cereal, why would cold cereal be okay, and not cold oats? And in the cute little jelly jar, it’s portable, so I can pop it in my purse and eat it at work. Worth a shot. I looked up the main premise–the idea is to mix equal parts oats and wet stuff, with chia seeds tossed in if you’re that kind of gal. Refrigerate overnight, then add your mix-ins in the morning, and off you trot.



photo 1

Giving Thanks

We spent our weekend like most Canadians, calculating cooking times and working back from when guests arrive, when we want to sit down to hot food, and when we have to get changed for dinner. My partner is an incredible cook, and turkey dinner is a mix of superlative dishes and taste explosions that are the stuff of dreams, worthy of giving thanks. We’re flung far from relatives, so we opened our doors to dear ones near, and shared a wonderful laughter-infused evening over drinks, candlelight, and a big table that we had built just for the purpose earlier that morning.


roadside vegetable stand

The Best Policy

On our glorious seaside summer vacation, we were able to eat catch-of-the-day fish, peak-of-season fruit and berries, and, perhaps most novel, fresh-from-the-farm vegetables from a very trusting local farmer. Eating local is a great way to support your neighbours and keep regional industry booming, and one area farmer made it irresistible.

roadside vegetable stand